Dialectics of sex and gender Marxism oppose both the cis-norm, hetero-norm and the binary gender-order. A. Let's begin with an anlyse of the classic "The origin of the family, private property and the state" written by Engels ( also the most important writing for socialist feminism and the only accurate analyse of how the patriarchy arose): 1. Agriculture was invented, 2. which lead to the development of a surplus, 3. enabling some to live off the labour of others, 4. leading to the development of class society. 5. Class society necessitates that lines of inheritance be identified and secured, 6. leading to sexual control of those capable of pregnancy. (7. the nessecarity of a social contructed category - sex - emerged, seperating: Those who were able to become pregnant Those who were not able to become pregnant) B. When the intrest to defend one's private property through consanguinity the category "men" - that could not become pregnant - started using "women" - who could become pregnant - sexually and see them as property. They - the men - then also had to ensure that the sexual relations had propagation as target. When men started using women to provide them children so that their private proparty would stay in the family, they also started to have an interest in controlling women sexually to be sure that they could identify their children as theirs. Class society created the social contruction of "sex" wich opened the way for the social contrict of "gender", to simplyify identification of who one should enter into a sexual relationship with. This also opened the way to homophobia - by punishing those relationships that was seen as non-providing of children. (In other sociaties, such as Japan, this was "solved" by that one could be in any sexual relationship one would like AS LONG AS one did already have children to pass on the family name, property and honor) In classless societies it requires that all work according to their abilities. The protection of private property was unimportant and there was no interest to categorize people. Some would argue that because often there were specific tasks devided by what we today call gender ("men" hunted and "the women" gather), however this is not correct. In such societies were all forced to work after their physical capacity, and it was irrelevant who performed the work. (The reproduction further contributed to maximize production and promoting the market) Through this the cisnorm and heteronorm was arosen. It is the reason it is important for the class society's survival to defend these norms. ( Edit: I would evolve this to talk more about the family and the importance of the free house work) - - - - - - - - - - - - Comrades, the struggle for LGBTQ- liberation is cearly an abvious part and struggle of the ideology of us communists. This can be seen from that homo- and transhobes are usually right-wing and conservative, while LGBTQ- activist usually are left-wing, wich is also a constant trend internationally. Firstly, I would like to point out the following histocial examples: August Bebel was the first person to popagate for any kind of LGBTQ-rights in a speech. ("On homosexuality and the penal code") The USSR was the first nation IN THE WORLD to legalize homosexuality, and made it possible for them to perform parlamentary work. More recent, the first Pride - wich was riots lasting for days in Stonewall - was an uprising by black and rasified transgender women from the working class, against the brutal police force that continously harassed them at the pub "Stonewall inn". There was an awareness of class in this movement. Today, the pride- movement has been stolen by white, middleclass, cisgender gay men that keeps seeing it as a celebration (mainly because they have the privilages to safe spaces and does not see the exposure of the majoroty of the community, especially transgender people) and not a struggle for life. Even in the 70's, one of the leaders of the Stonewall riot and the gay (in that time trans was also included in the term "gay") pride movement, Sylvia Rivera, bashed the attendants at a pride parade, saying they were "men and women that belong to a middle class white club". Furthermore, Pride has become a liberal platform that focus on profit and pink-washing, where corporations that never has done anything to help the LBTQ-community can sell their "pride" products and generate profit, while the corporations actually even upholds and wins on the cis- and heteronormativity. But actually this is not too relevant today, because: Communism is based on that the concrete relationships are changing and not dogmatic. We can see that our concrete relationship today is as such that a significant group of our class is oppressed right now and that it is used to weaken and devide the working class today. Marx himself promoted to discuss and develope the marxist idea, the science and knowledge would, and still will, change and develope. Any other than to look at today's reality is going against Marxism itself. Today, very few (if any?) leftist groups does not support the LGBTQ-liberation. As communists, we see the primary contradiction to be between the classes, and other contradictiond to be secondary, BUT The LGBTQ-struggle, along with women's liberation and racial liberation, and the class struggle, are so closely linked that they are useless without each other. To act in an oppressing way towards LGBTQ-people is by any means not a way of a comrade, nor a communist, to act. When someone acts in these ways they uphold structures that kill workers. LGBTQ-hatred is reactionary, and therefore dangerous. We must destroy it when we see it. Homophobia is not revolutionary. Biphobia ( and others) are not revolutinary. Transphobia is not revolutionary. Instead of giving this important struggle up to privilaged liberal forces, we should fight to reclaim it. Because, only through socialism and communism all oppression will be demolished, including the oppression of lesbians, gays, bi/ pan, transgender and queer people. - - - - - - - - - Comrades, today is Transgender day of rememberance. An international day that occurs once a year to remember all transgender people that have been murdered for their gender identity the past year. (even though we should take in account that the measured numbers are only the tip of the iceberg). Like it or not, the LGBTQ issue is a class issue. Over to some statistics (mostly from the US and UK): LGBTQ people run a much higher risk of ending up in poverty, while they also have a harder time to get out of it due to their sexuality or gender expression. Even though statistics might differ from year to year, and between areas/ countries, it still generally follows this pattern: Uneployment among trans people being twice as common than the general population (and the percentage gets doubled again for non-whites). Almost all transgender workers have experienced harassment or mistreatment at work and around half have been fired for being transgender (directly or indirectly, wich is also not illegal in many places). 14% live in poverty (compared to 4% in the population in general, when the survey was done). Extreme poverty is 4 times more common among the transgender population. Close to 1 out of 5 have been or are homeless, often due to that over 50% get rejected by their families. In urban areas, over 60% of trans women have practiced sex work, a typical sign of poverty. Between 30-45% have attempted suicide (even in "progressive" countries like Sweden the number is still as high as 21%), over 60% suffer from depression, and mental illnesses and addiction is more common among LGBTQ people, especially the youth. They run an extremly high risk of harassment, assault, being denied healthcare and even murder. Alarming numbers say that 1 of 12 trans women will be murdered (1 in 8 trans women of color). The statistics, even if they are not exact to the decimal, speak for themselves. It is clear to see that transgender people are strongly discriminated against. They are targets of homelessness, poverty, mockery, assaults and murder. Therefore the rate of despression and other illnesses is sky high. At the same time, the upper class LGBTQ people will not face these issues. Surely, they can be mocked for their sexuality or gender identity, but at the same time they can afford safe spaces. They can afford any surgery they wish for. They can afford any house. They can afford protection. They have social and economic capital that all transgender workers lack. They are not targets of what the working class are, they live in a completely different world. Their wealth lives on top of this kind of structures, and will remain our enemies at all times. When you uphold any hatred towards transgender (and other LGBTQ people), when you call them slurs, misstreat them or mock them, you uphold structures that kill workers. No matter how well informed, engaged you are in the class struggle, hatred towards marginalized groups is to oppress workers. Keep that in mind, and remember our transgender comrades out there.

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Igår satt jag och försökte se en film på min dator. Ali såg en dokumentär om Hitler på TV och typ en gång i minuten ställde han i fråga, ex "Varför hade Hitler så dåliga åsikter?" (den frågan fick jag 3 gånger), "Varför hade han så konstig mustasch?", "Pratar han tyska eller engelska?", "Hur kan han prata tyska om han inte kom från Tyskland?", "Varför hade han den symbolen?". Man kan bli galen för mindre.

"Varför tyckte folk att han var bra?", "Varför hade han så dåliga åsikter?" (Som sagt så fick jag den frågan 3 gånger, och det dög inte med att säga att det var en vanlig åsikt då för NÄÄÄÄ det fanns ju många som inte tyckte så också) "Vad heter hans bok?", "Varför fick man inte låna den på biblioteket förut?" osv osv osv osv osv.

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